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There is a misconception that you need a lot of money to pimp your car. Unfortunately, this has prevented many people with a desire of personalizing their car from doing so. They instead resign themselves to drive a vehicle that is aesthetically and visually less pleasing than they like. Below we list numerous pocket friendly ways that anyone can soup up their car.

Fog light and headlight upgrades

There are some awesome ways that you can customize your headlights. You could replace your car’s halogen bulbs with LED bulbs which are brighter and produce a white light. Additionally, you could also replace your headlight cover with one which has different shape and color and add a headlight film to your headlights that has a different more incredible tint.

When it comes to fog lights, not only can you change the type of bulb, you can also change the color of the bulb.

Custom Bonnet ornament

Your bonnet doesn’t have to retain its plainness. You can add a customized ornament on it that reflects your personal style. You can look up some in the internet, the wide range of ornaments you can choose from may be surprising.

Customized car Insignia

You should not have to keep using the standard insignia of your car manufacturer on your car. You can use a customized version of your car manufacturer’s emblem instead. You can create one based on your personal envisioning of the insignia and place it on your car

Windshield wiper brackets

It is possible to replace the standard windshield wiper brackets with one of your choice. This could be of a different design and colour.

Spare wheel Cover

If you are driving a four-wheel drive that has the spare tire after the rear window, you could cover the tire with a wheel cover. This will not only protect it, but also give you an opportunity to give the cover your personal touch. There are plenty wheel cover designs you can choose from and you will sure not miss one that you like. However, if you do, you can always design your own.

Seat Covers

If you are bored with the plainness of your seats and are craving for something different, you could give your seats an uplift by using seat covers. There come in different styles and you are sure not to miss one you find endearing

Hang an ornament on the rear-view mirror

This is a simple interior boost that you can easily give your car. You can hang all sorts of accessories from a cross, to dice to a tiny teddy bear just to mention a few.

Steering Wheel Cover

Yes there is a cover you can place on your steering wheel. You don’t have to resign yourself to a steering wheel looking as was manufactured. There are a variety of steering wheel covers that come in various colours and materials that you can use in your car.

Customised Cigarette Lighter

If your car has one of these, you can enhance its appearance by picking one that reflects your personal style. There are plenty of styles for you to choose from and if you are unable to find one that suits you, you can design your own.

Floor Mats

Another way to enhance your car’s appearance is through changing its floor mats. It’s easy to forget their aesthetic value, however, when you change them, you will instantly notice the huge difference they make. There are diverse styles of floor mats to choose from with various materials and colours. If you fail to find one that’s suitable, you can also make one.