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When you have made a decision to sell your car, your biggest dilemma will be whether to sell it to a dealer or sell it privately. This isn’t a straightforward decision as each side has its own pros and cons. Your circumstances will determine which of the two is most suitable for you. It is therefore imperative that you have the correct and complete picture of each side before you make this decision.

Selling your car to a dealer

Selling your car to a dealer is comparable to selling it using a middleman. It will save you the hustle of advertising your car and meeting with buyers. Basically, the selling of the car switches from being your problem to being the dealer’s. This means that you don’t have to waste time waiting for someone interested in the car to ring you up. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the genuinity of potential buyers or the cost of repairs if you sell to a dealer. All that will be taken care of by the dealer!

Going for a dealer is a quick and convenient way to get rid of your old ride especially if you have no idea where to start advertising it or are just lazy. This method will also suit you if you just got a new ride and want to quickly rid yourself of your old one.

The downside here is that the dealer will not give you the market value of the car. Basically, you will be selling your car at a wholesale value. You should expect even less if your car is in questionable condition. That’s the price for wanting a stress-free way to dispose of your car. It’s because of this that car experts discourage people from using this method.

Selling your car privately

This is the method highly recommended by car experts. This is mainly because it is devoid of a middleman so you will receive payment that is closer to the market value. There are plenty of buyers who prefer private buyers because of the same reason. Since private buyers aren’t encumbered by the cost of rent et cetera, they are easier to bargain with.

It is also a good method if you are not in a hurry to sell the car. This is because it takes time to get the most suitable buyer. You will need to be patient. Also, don’t get discouraged when a potential buyer decides against buying the car, this happens all the time in business.

Its drawback is that you will have to do the marketing and meeting with the potential buyers for yourself. It will also compel you to do all the necessary repairs, some of which may cost a pretty penny. You may also find yourself giving the car a touch up so it competes favorably with similar cars from other sellers.

Selling your car privately or to a dealer

You will need to consider your current situation. You could ask yourself these questions to narrow down the best method for you. Are you in a hurry to get rid of your wheels? Are you in need of quick cash? Is a deficient of a few hundred or thousand pounds from the market value no problem? If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider selling to a dealer. If you answered no, then consider the latter which is sell privately. Remember what worked for your friend may not necessarily work for you, so be honest with yourself

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