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Some of the common questions we receive include

Is there an age limit on the car you can secure? 

No, there’s no age limit. We accept any car so long as it is roadworthy. However we have separate packages for cars depending on their age.

 What will happen if I make an early repayment?

We actually encourage our customers to pay off their loans as early as possible. We have no penalties for early repayment.

How soon after I pay my loan do I receive my logbook back?

We at Theava Loans strive to not just create a warm relationship with our clients but also to maintain one. This means we would not want to cause any undue stress on our clients. You can expect your logbook back 24 hours from your final repayment time.  Failure of which you should feel free to contact us

What will happen if I don’t make a payment? 

This is a very unfortunate situation we wouldn’t want on any of our clients.  Failure to make a payment will lead to the repossession of your car. However at Blink Credit we give our customers two additional weeks to pay their loans. Failure to make the three consecutive payments is what will lead to the repossession of your car. We understand that sometimes we face situations that may make us to be late on our loans. However if you want to revise your payment schedule, please contact us.

How soon after I request the loan should I expect to receive it? 

Expect your loan not more than 24 hours since the time you requested for it online.

How many times can someone take a logbook loan?

You can take a logbook loan as many times as you wish so long as you have paid your previous one. Many of our customers are repeat customers,